Data Trak Mobile App

Data Trak is a catalogue of apps made for the transport industry. The aim of these is to replace a variety of outdated paper based practices.

The app allows drivers to submit their timesheets and expenses daily. Payroll staff can then review these in the Data Trak online portal and confirm, reject or query them instantly notifying the driver.

Additionally drivers can use the app to perform a daily vehicle check, a legal requirement, reporting any vehicle defects instantly.

A great feature of the app is the Jobs module which gives the driver a digital list of jobs required for that day and then allows the driver to collect a signature at point of delivery along with time and geolocation data.

Getting the user interface of the app correct was a huge priority during app development. By using feedback from drivers, I could make changes to the app to improve practicality and usability. An example of this was making buttons and text bigger than that of most apps, to improve the app for drivers of all ages.

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Technologies used

The Data Trak Mobile app is a hybrid mobile app developed with the ionic mobile app framework. This allows you to code the application once using web technologies and then deploy it to any mobile platform you require. These include Android, iOS and Windows mobile.

Mobile App

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